Parent and Family Weekends

This is an exciting time of the year, especially for freshman students and their parents.  Parents Weekend is a time to let our children show us all of the things that they have experienced, explored and learned so far about their campus and surroundings.  During parent’s weekend this year (I attended two of the three for my kids), I found myself trying to imagine and remember my own college days. When I was in college in the mid 1980’s, there was not a college “Parents Weekend”.  In fact, in those days, most parents dropped their kids off and left – there was no “orientation” for the parents while the kids were acclimating, no newsletters or emails to keep parents abreast of the latest school accolades and university accomplishments and certainly not a weekend full of school spirit, tailgates and campus class mock lectures.

As a parent, I am so happy that universities now create these special family weekends to unite us. Oh, how nice it would be to be back in school – meeting new people, exploring new places, expanding our minds, preparing ourselves to change the world!  Today’s college experience is chock full of school spirit, exploration, and discovery and at times the occasional (or frequent) stress, homesickness and adjustment periods.  It is exciting to see our kids on campus, starting to figure out their future path, the dreams they have and the dreams we have for them.

Upon arriving back to my hometown, I realized that in some ways “home” will never be quite the same now that my kids also have a collegiate home, and I feel a stronger desire than ever to stay connected!  From hometowns to college towns (and back home again), I hope Parents Weekend was filled with fun memories and even a sense of nostalgia from your own college days!

Jill Cook

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