Personalized Birthday Gifts

personalized birthday gift

Have you checked our our signature line of personalized birthday gift packages? We know first hand how fun it is to celebrate birthdays and we want to make sure that your favorite student has a birthday celebration to remember.  That’s why we created our exclusive personalized birthday gift packages.  We have filled these birthday packages with everything you need to make your favorite student feel special on his or her special day.  After all, a birthday away from home is probably a new thing for you and your student.  So we loaded our gift packages with lots and lots of festive and celebratory items, so you can both feel good and celebrate that special day, even from afar.  You can send this gift directly to your student, or better yet, you can surprise them with just a little bit of help from their roommates.

Surprise Your Student!

Here’s what I did for my daughter’s 18th birthday surprise:  I sent a personalized birthday gift package made especially for her.  It included a handmade and personalized Happy Birthday banner, birthday bubbles, again with a personalized message, confetti filled balloons, and room decorations along with a few other special treats.  Then I used my favorite app, whatsapp, and reached out to my daughter’s roommate to enlist her help.

Easy Set up takes less than 10 minutes!

I asked my daughter’s roommate to help me by decorating the dorm room with the easy-to-hang decorations included in the personalized birthday gift package. I mailed the package directly to my daughter’s roommate, which included instructions on what to do.  We coordinated when my daughter would be at class and then her roommate decorated the room in a jiffy.  She easily decorated the room in less than 5-10 minutes!  Imagine my daughter’s surprise when she returned from class to a festive room decorated with birthday happiness!  Not to mention it was an easy way to also let all the roommate’s know that someone was having a birthday!

Stay connected, even from afar

We would love you help you stay connected to your favorite student on any day and especially on a special occasion such as a birthday!  From home towns to college towns, we hope you enjoy our new exclusive collection of personalized birthday gift packages!

Jill Cook

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