Welcome to Parcel University!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Parcel University! I am so excited to announce our Grand Opening with you!!

Parcel University makes gift parcels for university students – think of the old college care packages but updated! Not filled with junk food and chips, but instead filled with custom made items, personalized gifts, school spirit themed goods, local excursions, dorm decor, and much more…

The inspiration for my business comes from having three kids in college. I know first-hand how hard it can be sending your child off to college. We live in Los Angeles and my middle daughter chose to attend a private university on the east coast. When I dropped her off in Boston as a freshman; it just seemed like we were very prepared for getting textbooks and some supplies and figuring out where her classes were, but we weren’t too prepared for everything else – such as life away from all of the comforts of home and that dreaded homesickness, not to mention finding new friends, navigating a new city, the stress of midterms, etc. I felt like I had spent 18 years preparing my daughter for her future and for college, and then when we got to Boston, I just dropped her off and that was it!

After I arrived home, I started thinking of ways I could still feel connected to her as she started her college journey. I thought it would be nice to surprise her with a few things from time to time during the semester. I wanted to send something meaningful and unexpected at the same time. Every time she received a package from me, she would text a picture to me and tell me how happy it made her and how much it brightened her day. I soon found myself making gift parcels for her roommates and they loved them too and would tell their parents how cool it was to receive a surprise in the mail, especially when they least expected it.

And so Parcel University was born! I started it as a way for parents to easily send some love in the form of a gift parcel for their child to enjoy. Whether it has a stress relief theme or a motivational theme or a school spirit theme or a local excursion theme – we are striving to have something for everyone. All our gift parcels are from the heart and intended to remind each student how much love and support we have for them and how much we want them to enjoy their college experience to the fullest!

From hometowns to college towns, Parcel University is here to help you stay connected, even from afar!

Jill Cook

Jill Cook

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